Cyberball Task

The Cyberball task is a computerized game used to study the effects of social exclusion on individuals. Participants play a virtual ball-tossing game with other players, who are actually controlled by the computer. The participant is sometimes excluded from the game. Following the game, children were also asked to fill out a questionnaire with 15 questions to assess whether specific domains, including belonging, self-esteem, control, meaningful existence, have been threatened.

Available measurements
  • Main Cohort

  • 9-10 years
  • C
    8.7 - 12.5 years   From 2012-01-01 to 2016-12-31

    Mode of collection MeasurementsAndTests   Behavioral/cognitive task
    Instrument name Cyberball task
    Alternate name Cyberball task: a computerized game
    Measure name Social exclusion
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