Reading Span Task (RST)

The reading span task (RST) is a memory span. The original RST required participants to read series of unconnected sentences aloud and to remember the final word of each sentence of a series (grouped according to the total number of sentences). With each sentence presented on a card, participants were cued to recall the memorized end-of-sentence words in their original order by a blank card at the end of a series. The number of sentences of a series was incrementally increased until a participant's reading span, or the maximum number of final words correctly recalled, was found.

In YE_ATTEF3, working memory capacity was measured with a digit span task (computer-based version of the classic Reading Span Task)

Available measurements
  • Young Netherlands Twin Register

  • C
    15.0 - 23.0 years   From 2007-01-01 to 2010-01-01

    Mode of collection MeasurementsAndTests   Behavioral/cognitive task
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