Behavioral Inhibition and Activation Scale (BIS/BAS)

The Behavioral Inhibition and Activation Scales (BIS/BAS) measure behavioral inhibition (BIS) and behavioral activation (BAS). This instrument consists of one inhibitory factor (BIS scale) and three activational factors (BAS scales). The BIS scale includes items that refer to the anticipation of punishment. The BAS scales consist of items that refer to the anticipation of reward and can be divided into three components: fun seeking (BAS-Fun), reward responsiveness (BAS-Reward), and drive (BAS-Drive).

This questionnaire has been constructed to assess individual differences in personality dimensions that reflect the sensitivity of two motivational systems, the aversive and appetitive system. We collected information on the behavioral Inhibition Scale (7 items) and behavioral Activation System (Drive: 4 items, Fun Seeking: 4 items and Reward responsiveness: 5 items). Items are rated on a 4-point Likert scale.

Available measurements
  • Main Cohort

  • Covid questionnaires
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    14.8 - 18.4 years   From 2020-06-01 to 2020-10-31

    Mode of collection SelfAdministeredQuestionnaire
    Instrument name Behavioral Inhibition and Activation Scale (BIS/BAS)
    Alternate name mijn vragenlijst @17 deel 2
    Measure name Risk taking tendency
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