3D ultrasound

An ultrasound was made to study fetal growth and fetal brain development.

In YOUth, all pregnant women are asked to visit at 20 and 30 weeks gestational age for an advanced fetal neurosonograpy to study fetal brain development. Using ultrasound, fetal brain is scanned for 3D volumes and in addition, the fetal biometry (abdominal circumference, head circumference and femur length) and Doppler studies (cerebral medial artery, umbilical artery and the uterine arteries) are performed.

Available measurements
  • Baby and Child

  • 20 weeks
  • M
    0 months - 5 months   From 2015-07-23 (ongoing)

  • 30 weeks
  • M
    0 months - 6 months   From 2015-09-25 (ongoing)

    Mode of collection MeasurementsAndTests   Echo
    Instrument name Echo/3D Ultrasound
    Measure name Echo
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